Fight Spring Allergies With These Tips

Spring is finally here after a long winter! It is the season the warm weather makes its debut, the garden gets some much-needed attention, and pollen spreads through the air awakening our senses as allergies set in!

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Okay, that last one is literally the only thing we do not like about this long-awaited season. But did you know that more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year? Being allergy sufferers ourselves made us decide to get in on the discussion to find the best ways to fight these symptoms so we could finally enjoy everything this season has to offer!

Keep reading to find some of the best ways for you and your family to fight allergy symptoms after a long day in the Maryland sun!

The 3 Best Ways to Fight Your Maryland Allergies

Get your air ducts cleaned

AirDuct_cleaning_elkton_MDAir ducts are one of the last places people worry about when fighting allergies. Running A/C picks up what is in the air and disperses it throughout your home, and that includes pollen! Many people leave their air ducts untreated for years before getting them cleaned… this means you potentially have dust and pollen floating through your air that was picked up from years prior!

Many places offer this service for a low cost and Spring is the time to take advantage of the seasonal deals! Get the dust bunnies removed so they stop holding and spreading the pollen in your air.

Keep outside allergens…outside

Allergies_pollen_Elkton_MD_mccool insurance agencyPollen is very good at sticking to fabric and this means you are bringing the pollen into your home on your clothes. All that pesky pollen then sticks to any furniture you brush up on.

We recommend changing and showering off as soon as you walk in the door to avoid spreading it throughout the home. It will ensure that you are spreading the least amount of pollen possible. It will also remove what is on your face for ease the rest of the day!

Spend time outside when pollen levels are low

Allergens_pollen_spring_elktn_MD_mccoo insurance agencyBe aware of when pollen levels are high and spend time outdoors when they are low. Peak pollen times are at sunrise and sunset, try to plan events mid-day to mid-afternoon before the levels rise.

Pollen levels are also lower when the weather rolls in! Luckily we get a lot of rain in Maryland. This helps keep pollen levels at bay but it is when we have dry weather for a few days in a row that pollen will make its appearance.

Allergies are something many of us will face this year. We do not have to suffer by implementing a few precautionary measures!

For a fun quiz to learn more about your allergies, click here!


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