Pay It Forward With a Referral

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What does it mean to pay it forward?

The phrase “Pay it forward” is different than giving a gift to the same person who gave you one. This phrase means paying a kindness shown to you on to someone else.

For example, have you ever had your coffee paid for at a drive through by the person in front of you? Paying that kindness forward may be paying for the car behind you or it could be doing a good deed for someone later on. The idea is that kindness is a chain effect and it multiplies each time you do something nice for someone else.

We wanted to create a way for both our clients and our agency to pay kindness forward in an easy way! This is why we started our referral program. We choose a different featured charity to work with every three months. We donate our time as well in any upcoming events they have and encourage our customers to join us! When we are rewarded with a referral, we donate ten dollars to that charity!

A referral is someone that is sent to us by someone else to get a quote on their insurance. This is a way our clients are hand in hand with us giving back to our community. Our community only gets better by all of us working together!

Our customers are the ones who drive us to pay the kindness we have been shown forward. We encourage anyone who has a local charity they are passionate about to let us know so we can get involved. This program has helped so many non-profits and the list keeps growing. One referral goes further than you think!


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