How Can I Benefit From Pet Insurance?

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When we purchase insurance, it is to protect ourselves and our families! We all know that our furry friends are just as much our family as the other members in the home. So the question is…why would we not have insurance for our pets as well?

Our pets can have health needs just like ours, and they need health insurance to assist with the costs as well. The sad part is these expenses can add up! Insurance carriers have recognized this issue and have come up with a solution for pet owners. Just like insurance for a car, there are different policies and coverage’s based around the needs of the customer.

First things first, what does pet insurance cover? They can depend on the company, but generally policies cover you pup at any vet you choose, accidents, serious/chronic illness, common illness, hereditary conditions, procedures/services, and wellness services.

What is not covered in a pet policy? Across the board grooming, boarding, taxes, and pre-existing conditions are not covered under a policy. This is important to know because these are expenses that would need to be paid out of pocket.

When does the policy become effective after writing it? The great thing is the policy does not take long to take effect before you can use it! Most companies have a 14 day wait period once a customer’s application is approved. Now, if someone enrolls under an organization, those effective dates can vary.

Is there a discount offered if I insure multiple pets? Yes there is! If you have multiple pets there is no need to worry about the cost because there are discounts that can be utilized to still make pet insurance cost effective.

Are there any breeds that cannot be insured? Thankfully any breed can be insured through the majority of carriers that offer pet insurance.

Finally, will the premium on the policy go up if you file a claim? Most carriers do not have an increase when a customer files a claim; this gives their customers peace of mind.

Pet insurance is a huge benefit to customers that have a furry friend. Call us today to get a quote! (410)398-1373

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