What Are Liability Limits?

Insurance today is the same as purchasing food- you have to have it! What if your insurance is not capable of doing what it is supposed to in the case of a major accident?

That’s like buying creamy peanut butter and finding crunchy peanut butter in the jar! The outcome is not what you expected.

Many people walking around have limits that would not cover what they thought they would! The reason could be that we are uneducated about what these limits represent and what it could mean if you do not have proper coverage.

So let’s get back to the basics! There are three numbers involved. For example, 30-60-15.

The first number represents how much your insurance company would pay if someone got injured in an accident (bodily injury). The second number represents how much they would pay per accident total, and the final number is how much your company would pay towards property damage.

Now, each state has state minimum limits, this means everyone needs at least that amount of coverage to drive in case an accident occurs. For example, Maryland’s requirement are 30-60-15. 30,000 sounds like a lot towards an injury but what if this accident is major and the person injured has a medical bill higher than this amount? This makes the driver who caused the accident liable for those remaining costs, YIKES!

This does not have to be scary topic; our agency recommends you carry coverage of at least 100-300-100. These limits offer much more coverage in case of a major accident, this protects our clients property from a potential lawsuit.


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