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Frequently Asked Wedding Insurance Questions

The annual average cost for a wedding is 33,391. This is According to a 2017 study by XO Group/The Knot. Couples may not realize the potential financial consequences should something not go as planned. This includes severe weather, transportation shut down…

Fight Spring Allergies With These Tips

Allergies_spring_Elkton_MD_Mccool insurance agency

Spring is finally here after a long winter! It is the season the warm weather makes its debut, the garden gets some much-needed attention, and pollen spreads through the air awakening our senses as allergies set in! Okay, that last…

A Little Goes a Long Way

Charity_McCool Insurance agency_elkton MD_Cecil

Why do you give back? There is so much power packed into that one little question. Is it to pay it forward? Is it to set a good example for your kids? Or maybe is it because people around you…

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